Every Half Pound Matters..

big          I didn’t start lifting, being healthy and active till about 2011 after I graduated from college and came home. At the peak of my graduation I weighed 280 lbs. had nearly a 46” waist and was depressed, unhappy you name it. Instead of being proactive and changing aspects of my life that had taken control and nosedived my health I lived in the past, where I was fit, active and healthy. It got to a point where I was proactive to not see my reflection in mirrors, dodge pictures being taken and just close myself off from society.

It wasn’t till I had come home from college that I was challenged by one of my best friends, to stop living in the past and making excuses, but rather be proactive and change. To this day I firmly believe that without his support and guidance, I would probably be 100x worse now if I hadn’t taken the small steps to get where I am now.

As I walked through those ominous gym doors for the first time, I instantly started to regret all the decisions I had made to force myself to begin this journey.  Did I really want this change? I kept asking myself that throughout the whole first day there knowing that I either had to put up a fight for the change or shut up.

One day passed, then two and three next thing I know, weeks had gone by. What kept me going? I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the instant changes, weight loss I was seeing. No, it was the fact I had given myself a reason or a goal I wanted to reach and work towards and the more I crept towards it, the more I was motivated. Since those physical changes, weight loss wasn’t apparent and I didn’t give much merit to losing a couple pounds. If only I had understood that over time a pound here and a pound there add up to losing over 100lbs total.

I now understood why anytime I had tried to lose weight that I had always, ALWAYS ended up quitting and giving up. It boiled down to one truth: choices like this were a life style change and a whole body, mind soul commitment not a quick crash diet or easy fix. I’ve seen and heard many success stories of people losing hundreds and hundreds of pounds in little amounts of time, but then you talk to them a few years later and they put all the weight back and maybe even more. I had fallen into this category of people for so long, I wanted a quick and easy fix where I could get instant results. The results would come yes, but they for sure didn’t last long because those results came through the easy route rather than the route that took hard work, sweat and tears.

When I work hard and buy something for myself, the euphoria that follows and desire to maintain and care for that purchase is unreal. You understand and know how hard you worked to get whatever it is that you wanted versus it just being given to you. Stuff that has been given to me throughout my life for a long time I never really considered the work or effort the person giving it to me had put into it. I had always seen it as, Free is Free and who cares what happens to it because I didn’t work for it.

I busted my ass to get to where I am at now physically and I know the effort it takes to maintain it and the effort it took for me to get here. It wasn’t a quick fix at all, remember I started my weight loss journey in 2011 and even now in 2018 I am continuing that journey, refining my skills and expanding my knowledge. Over the years I have learned and been grateful for the help and mentors along the way and have taken full advantage of resources that were readily available.

I learned and try to apply daily the mantra of, “every half pound matters, over time these add up and become more, be patient and keep grinding.” Results will come, I have found that quality results take time whereas if you just want results for the sake of showing them off, are they even meaningful to your being?



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