Top Five Hobbies Everyone Should Have:


Job Improvement Hobby:

People that are now employed should always be trying to find hobbies that can improve their own career paths. For example, I work in the biotech field and therefore science is my focus at work, but another huge aspect is statistical analysis. While excel can aid me in making charts, spreadsheets etc. being able to use statistical programs like R, would vastly improve my ability. In not only being able to analyze data, but also open other doors in my career path.

De-Stressor Hobby:

Being able to channel your stress into something productive is a very useful tool and can serve you well. Coming home from a long day of work, traffic or anything can cause you to reach a tipping point even before you walk in the door of your house. For some people being able to de-stress in the morning gives them the ability to channel positive thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Others might need to let all the stress build up until it reaches that breaking point internally and now they need a way for it to be released. For both parties sometimes, we take our stress out on those closest to us. Is that fair to them? Did they do anything to deserve that? No. So, what can we do before we reach that point? For me personally I wake up early in the morning, go to the gym and start my routine. By doing just these few things it channels all my positive thoughts and builds on them, which allows me to carry throughout my day-to-day. However, sometimes even though I go to the gym in the mornings I’ll come home and be at that tipping point. What have I tried? I have tried just taking minutes to myself and doing something mindless, whether it be listening to music, video games or sitting outside. By doing this has allowed me to be more centered and level, which prevents me from lashing out at others.

Challenge Yourself Hobby:

Most people have found and maintained hobbies that they have had since their childhood. For me, that was my passion for video games. Where I could compete with other people and have fun with my friends at the same time. Recently, I have become aware that I need new hobbies and not just simple ones I know I will pick up fast and be good at. I need a hobby that not only is new, but will challenge me in ways that I have yet to experience, but in the end, will cause me to grow. By sticking to a hobby like this and struggling through the failures until I can master it will serve me well in life.

Social Hobby:

If you are like me and introverted having a ‘social’ hobby can aid and help you vastly improve your social skills etc. Like a challenging hobby, a social hobby will not only challenge you, but also put you in a place where you need to interact with others either to learn or succeed. This can be anything from a team sport, volunteer work or various types of clubs. Some of the most successful people are introverts, but you wouldn’t know by interacting with them. They have been able to develop and grow their social skills that have enabled them to be better in social situations and overcome any anxiety they may or may not have. Extroverts need a social hobby just as much as an introverted person needs one. Since they enjoy being able to talk freely with practically anyone, if you were to limit an extrovert’s social interaction ability he or she may start lashing out because they are ‘bored.’

Life Improvement Hobby:

Probably the most important hobby for everyone to have is one in which they are able to improve their overall outlook on life. For some this may be listening to podcasts or reading books, for others it might be getting involved in charities or volunteer work. Having a hobby that serves to either improve your own life or that of someone else’s is key in my opinion of truly being happy with yourself.


Most people have at least one two or maybe three of these types of hobbies, but even if you have none, don’t worry. Instead take out a pen and paper and start writing things you personally would like to do or carry out. Take your time, don’t rush, but most of all I believe finding these types of hobbies should in the end be fun for you.



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