Four Reasons Why Making your Bed is Important

bedA few years ago, an Admiral in the US Navy, gave a commencement speech at the University of Texas, sending off the class of 2014. If you haven’t watched it, I highly suggest spending 20 minutes of your day and listen to what he shared.

He goes through 10 basic lessons he learned in SEAL training, starting off with the importance of making your bed. I first thought to myself… Making my bed… What?! How does making my bed equate or give me any benefits in my day to day life and growth?! I’m assuming most of you who first read the title of this post may or may not had that same train of thought pass through your own mind. However, take that train, slam on the brakes, take a step back and think about what goes into making your bed. I assure you, you’ll be as surprised as I was and say, Damn… I need to go make my bed!!

It is crazy to think that such a simple, “mundane” task can carry so much weight and power with it. Society is so fast paced now, the second we open our eyes, we are rushing out the door and immediately going through the motions. What if we were to wake up 5-10 minutes earlier than our alarm, crawl out of bed and make it? How could that be beneficial to us? Before reading on, I suggest spending a few minutes and think about how this would affect you.

A sense of accomplishment:

By completing this task as one of the first things we do waking up, can empower us and give us a positive mentality for the rest of our day. Instead of waking up, in a rush and not accomplishing anything in our mornings, except getting out the door and to work. We give ourselves a powerful opportunity here by just simply spending some time making our bed. Upon completion I promise you will feel a positive sense of self-worth, you set out to do something and you did it! How often do we go through life telling ourselves we will do things and just never get to them? How about we all start our days by simply telling ourselves, “when I wake up in the morning I will make my bed.”

All about the little things:

Carrying on from what I just mentioned, but making your bed is simple and it’s a small, little task. ANYONE even a 2-year-old, in some form or fashion, can make their own bed. If we are unable to complete a small task, such as making our bed, how will we ever commit to completing larger, more important tasks? These little things add up and become big things over time. Focus on the small picture while working towards the big picture.

Mental Discipline:

Many of us will wake up late and use up those allotted minutes we give ourselves to make our beds in the morning. We need to be mentally strong and push through those thoughts of, “I don’t have time… I’ll make it later etc…” If you wake up late and need to make your bed still, yet feel like you have no time… That’s an excuse! Carve out that time from somewhere else! Maybe that morning you don’t go to Starbucks before you go to work and spend the time you would have to get your coffee instead of making your bed. Don’t allow yourself to slip and make excuses, practice strengthening your mental muscle.

End of your day:

What is more satisfying than coming home, walking into your room and having your bed made. There is something to be said about the sense of peace and relaxation that comes over you when you crawl into a made bed rather than an unkempt one. I mean think about it… what if Hotels just cleaned your room and didn’t make the beds? Would you want to sleep in something like that? What if you walked into your hotel room and saw that your bed wasn’t made? Bet you’d pick up that phone and call room service immediately… Making your bed not only is a powerful start to your day, but also a powerful end to it.

Whoever thought that the chore you hated doing as a kid would carry so much meaning to your adult life.


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