Be a Shark!

Great-White-shark-Evans-Head-595103One of my favorite shows to watch is Shark Tank, where people pitch their ideas in front of a group of entrepreneurial investors or ‘sharks’. Not only is it cool to see what kinds of different things people can come up with, it is also very informative to see how an investor looks at something they want to invest in.

Upon hearing the pitch, the ‘sharks’ will ask the person pitching, numerous questions ranging from sales numbers, how they came up with the idea or even trying it out. Some of the ‘sharks’ will even challenge the person presenting, just to see how they defend themselves and their product. How you answer, defend and your demeanor while doing so all matter.

Ok, let’s back up a bit here. The best thing about this show is the backstories of each of the ‘sharks.’ Most, if not all of them came from very humble beginnings, worked hard and didn’t give up on themselves.

Daymond John, the inventor of the clothing line FUBU, was waiting tables at Red Lobster and doing everything he could to make ends meet. He knew he always wanted to run his own business and his mom saw that passion in him. So, she decided to teach him how to sew wool caps. Upon completion, Daymond went out and immediately proceeded to sell each cap for 10$. He sold them all and rather than waiting or allowing any time to pass by he immediately started sewing more caps.

“No. I went back the next hour and sewed more.”
-Daymond John

As he grew his dream business, which would eventually become FUBU, he still was waiting tables at Red Lobster. His passion helped turn his business, which was operating initially out of his mom’s house, to a global phenomenon. To date, FUBU has done over 6 BILLION dollars in global sales… and the guy that started it all worked at Red Lobster as a waiter.

Each ‘shark’ has a similar story as Daymond’s and each of them never allowed failure or hardship to get in the way of their dreams.

So, when a ‘shark’ challenges or questions why the presenter did this or that, they are looking for passion and confidence in themselves and their product. At the same time, they need to see a sense of humility and integrity in the person. Not some know it all who thinks they are better at business or more knowledgeable in certain areas. I mean come on… you NEED their money sooo obviously you don’t know as much as you think you do.

My biggest take away from this show has been you need to be a shark in life, but at the same time, you need to be a humble one as well. By being a shark in life, I mean someone that doesn’t let go of something they want to pursue. CHOMP down on that thing, pursue it all the way to the end. Most of all never forget where you came from.


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