Are you a Leader?


When you were a kid, unaware of what was beneficial or hurtful to your well being you would follow your parent’s advice. Some of us, including myself, as we got older would begin to challenge those guidelines set by our parents. Even if we weren’t challenging them we would always want to know, “Why?!” We were curious, wanting to fully understand things or we just knew that it is one of those parental buttons you can push as a kid.

Where did that inquisitiveness go? It didn’t just disappear, no, it transformed into something else.. which I believe is Fear. As you mature you begin to realize all of life’s responsibilities that start becoming a part of your life. Be it paying bills or raising kids everyone in the world takes on more and more responsibilities the older they become. We also realize there can be life-altering consequences for our actions and punishment isn’t simply a timeout. With those consequences comes recompense and a simple “sorry” no longer makes everything better.

Think about it…

If a kid were to accidentally place something in their pocket, which kids will do because they are curious and don’t understand fully what that action entails. The store owner simply might politely let the parent know, all the while telling the child what they did was wrong and to apologize. What if that “kid” were now an adult, how do you think the store owner would act? Would they simply inform them about the item they placed in their pocket? Possibly, but depending on how they were acting in that situation the owner may even get the police involved. Same situation, two vastly different outcomes… Why is that? The kid didn’t understand fully what he or she did while the adult knew what would happen if they were caught stealing. As adults, we have now become fear driven instead of driven by our childlike curiosities. We are fearful of being in debt, not being to eat, not having a job, being unable to pay bills and the list goes on and on… We have forgotten what it is like to live and let loose and allow ourselves to experience different things.

I myself have forgotten what it is like to be more curious about things, instead of fearing them and the possible consequences. What has that done for me? Not much! If anything, it has held me back from trying new things. My thought process can go from if I were to go snowboarding… what are the possible outcomes? What if I broke my wrist, which then led me to not being able to work, then not paying bills etc. Even now that thought process exists in my head, breaking down and analyzing possible ‘what if’ scenarios because I am fearful of what may happen as a result.

It is unhealthy to live like this, letting fear dominate and dictate how you live your life. I became a blind follower of fear and lost that childlike curiosity. Is it gone forever? Nope. Can I revert, change and grow? Yes, I believe I can. Before even starting that journey I have the fear of failure racing through my mind. I am now refusing to follow that fear blindly and have begun challenging it again. Will I fail? Yup already have! How I get back up and continue to push forward, challenging myself and allow my curiosity to take hold again.

Challenge: Tell yourself you will do whatever happens. Now, write down at least five things on small pieces of paper that you have wanted to do, but been fearful of the outcome. Once you have all five written down, place those small pieces of paper in a container and without looking at the container choose one of the five pieces of paper.

Go out and do it.

Remember, the only person holding you accountable is YOU.

Let me know in the comments what you drew out of the container. Have fun and be safe!


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