Just Walk Away


Totally stealing this thought from my girlfriend, thanks, babe! There are literally “breaks” everywhere in life and come in all forms. From being paid time off, a break-up or even a lunch break from work. Parents even need breaks from their kids… HELLO grandparents!! Breaks allow everyone to get a sense of peace, tranquility and rest. They are one of the most important things you’ll need in life to maintain your sanity.

What I want to touch on is the power of taking a break in a relationship and not necessarily a break-up but giving them space when they need it most. I suck at doing when it comes to my girlfriend needing her space, especially when she is frustrated with me. I will prod and prod until I can figure out and understand why she is mad. Guess what… Just infuriates her more and doesn’t help the situation at all, yet…. I keep doing it.

WHY!?! You’d think I would stop doing it fully aware that I am not helping myself in the end. Yea, nope. Some days I’ll last longer and give her space, but the whole time my brain is fixated and wants to know. Do I really need to know then and there? No! As she has pointed out to me, in the instances where I prod and prod who do you think benefits from this? Her? Nope. She just wants to be left alone. So that leaves ME… the person that is benefiting from not giving her space when she needs it.

I don’t know if it is because I am scared that I might lose her, which is the thought that dominates my mind, but in my heart, I know she won’t leave. All I know is I need to work on this better because it is more beneficial for me, in the end, I have begun to realize.

Sometimes a break is needed for your significant other to remember why they are with you and love you. You don’t necessarily need to break up to remember this, you could just go hang out or do something where your significant other wasn’t involved. Not only would this possibly cause her to think about all the benefits and reasons she loves you, but those thoughts would also cross your own mind. Guess what, it would bring you closer together, empowering feelings that were already there even more so.

Think about it like this:

Parents NEED breaks from kids. It is a given, be it grandparents, daycare, camp or school parents need a break from their kids. How is it though, that parents are so ready for that break and once they get it they start to remember all the things they love about them. Resulting in them immediately wanting to hold and see their kids again. The parent was able to remember and allow all the positive and loving thoughts they have inside come to the surface again. Not only do they come to the surface, but it strengthens the bond the parent has with their kids.

My girlfriend pointed out to me that when Natalia and she aren’t having it she brings Natalia to grandma’s or allows her to be somewhere without Mom present. Just like parents, kids need breaks too! Every single time we go to pick her up somewhere, the SECOND they see each other, Natalia will yell MOMMY!!! And run straight to her. Whenever I witness this I am amazed, and I know it brings the mother-daughter bond they have closer and closer together.

Don’t be afraid to take breaks from whatever you need one from. Trust me, they will always be more beneficial than not for you.


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