Intermittent Fasting

interfast2Out of all the diets, meal plans that I have tried, intermittent fasting has been the most effective, easy and beneficial one for me to maintain. What is intermittent fasting? Well, it is a pattern of eating that involves a fasting and non-fasting period throughout your day. Typically for men, most choose to go with 16 hours of fasting and having an 8-hour feeding window. For women, it’s found that they do better with a 14 hour period of fasting and a 10-hour feeding window. Why do this? What are the benefits of eating like this?

First off, it can increase your lifespan. A study done at Harvard showed that during periods of fasting the mitochondria inside your cells to shift and maintain their functions longer than normal. Typically as you age your mitochondria slowly lose their ability to maintain homeostasis. So when you are fasting your mitochondria now are being forced to maintain their functions longer. By doing this so it not only increases your lifespan but also promotes healthy aging.

It also promotes healthy brain function and protects you from neurodegenerative diseases. Mark Mattson, a professor at John Hopkins and chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience, found in his research that when you fast for periods of time you are challenging your brain, which causes it to take preventative measure against diseases. During the fasting period, your body has more time to deplete the glycogen stores in your body causing you to burn fat instead of sugar. Known as ketones, which are produced from this process, are able to boost your energy and clear brain fog.

There have been numerous other studies done in regards to the benefits that come from fasting. For me personally, I have found this easier to maintain than most diets because it forces me to only eat in a small window of time. During this window, I am less hungry, so I eat less because my meals are closer together.

All in all, find what works for you and not someone else. Once you find it tailor it in a way that makes it easy for you to maintain.


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