What Defines YOU

leadership-attributesIt is a simple question, but I for one struggle with narrowing it down to one thing. If you heard the name, Bill Gates, people would define him as the Microsoft Guy, but do you think that’s how Bill Gates defines himself? Since retiring, he has donated BILLIONS to his charity, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has used that money to aid and help others. I believe he wants to redefine himself as someone who gave back to others instead of the guy that came up with Microsoft. Is it wrong to redefine yourself? Hell no. It’s your choice as to how you’d like to be remembered. Bill Gates could have easily just sat on his money and never giving anything back and guess what.. that would have been totally ok. I don’t think Bill Gates was comfortable knowing that was how he’d be remembered and has since worked on changing that narrative since retiring from Microsoft.

When I look in a mirror, I will occasionally think about what defines ME. If I were to die, how would I be remembered and would I be OK with that. Most times when I look in a mirror, all I see are the flaws, the scars and the imperfections. Do those things define me? In a way, yes, they do, but they won’t be something I am remembered by. So what… what is it that defines ME? Honestly, I can’t answer that question right now, but I know as I get older and experience more of what life offers I will get closer to that answer. All I can do now is think about how I would want to be remembered and work towards that. Whether that defines me, is something yet to be seen, but at least I am pointed in a direction and not idly treading water.


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