Daily Reminders

What is the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning? Is it the ceiling? Nightstand? Your significant other? Your dog? Each of those things serve as reminder to you in their own unique way. When you see the ceiling, it might remind you of the hard work you have done and now have a roof over your head. Seeing your significant other may remind you of the love you have for that person. The list goes on and on… but everything on that list serves a purpose to you, whether it be positive or negative it impacts you in some way.

I think those first few minutes after you wake up, open your eyes truly sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you woke up to your house is a mess and disorganized, I am sure some of you would throw a fit!! Others might just brush it off and go about their day, everyone is unique as to what triggers positive and negative emotions.

Myself, I have found that I need about 15minutes of peace and quiet when I first wake up. What I do with those minutes varies, but it allows my brain to wake up and my thoughts to become organized. Also, right above my bed, I have 3 quotes taped to the wall, each quote is unique and triggers something inside of me. As I walk to the bathroom in the morning, turn the light on and look in the mirror I am reminded of two important things.

One, I see the scars that were left from my weight gain and it reminds me of something I never want to be again. Secondly, I see my tattoo, which signifies the daily struggle that happens inside of me. What is my tattoo of you might ask, well, it involves a dragon fighting with a tiger. Cool right?!? I thought so too, but that wasn’t the main reason I chose this concept. In traditional Japanese tattoos, dragons are symbolic of being wise (mind), tigers are symbolic of power and strength (body). Like a yin/yang, the battle going on in my tattoo reminds me daily of the internal battles that are constantly happening between my mind and my body. It allows me to see that struggle that I am unable to see inside of me. In the dead space of my tattoo, I also have all the elements fire, water, wind, lightning, and earth that also remind me that I am made of many different experiences and all of them made me the man I am today.

Find those things in your life that serve as reminders, maybe you need to find different ones that can serve you better. Put them in places that you see daily, trust me it will help.


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