Take Charge


Wow. Thank God that I was the only one scraped up after what happened earlier today. I was carrying my daughter up the deck stairs and suddenly, one of the boards broke. Fortunately, neither of us were hurt and I was able to grab the railing while I rotated my back in a way that caught the rest of the deck stairs. Even though I took the brunt of the fall it didn’t matter as long as she was safe. Phew!

We are also in the middle of looking for a new place to live and boy it is exciting. As of now I still have my own place, even though I pretty much live at her house now (Thanks babe!). Not only will it make things easier for us as a family, it will also be the start of our new path as a family. Yes, I am scared, but I know that I got this, and I also have the amazing support of my girlfriend. Life is what you make of it I have learned and for a long time, I didn’t make much of my life. I would go to work, gym and then home with my weekends consisting of what I wanted to do. Now, everything about my life is different, including the fact I am living a life now versus what I was doing before…. EXISITING!

There are so many unknowns and things ahead of me and I have no idea how I will react, learn and grow from them… Bring it on!

Take charge of your life, live it openly and freely, you only get one chance don’t waste it. You’ll blink and one day you are a teenager, the next you are thirty years old… Wondering to yourself… Where did all the time go? Yea! Time is fleeting, so get out and live while you can.


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