Day at the Beach

beachBy the end of the day yesterday, I was wiped, barely able to function and longed to crawl into bed and pass out. Before I knew it, Monday morning had already commenced as I slowly woke up to my girlfriend’s voice in my ear. Completely unaware of what time it was, still half asleep, my girlfriend could have easily angrily come into the room to wake me up, but instead, did the complete opposite. Thank God.

Over the next week, it is going to be extremely busy for me at work and at home as we prepare to move into a new house. With that comes lots of stress, sweat, and tears, but I know that together she and I can do this. The new place is awesome, big deck, backyard and has a great view of the sun setting that we can enjoy at night.

Luckily, this weekend we were able to spend some family time at the beach. When we were leaving, Natalia insisted on pulling the wagon, which was carrying most of our beach stuff. Even as I walked behind and assisted in her efforts of pulling she would drop the handle, walk back to me and tell me “I got it!” As we walked to the car, we passed another family and they couldn’t help, but cheer her on. She just kept pulling the wagon with all her might, until we had reached the car.

I think everyone at some point in their life has been offered help. Is it wrong to tell that person, “No, I got this!” No, not at all. If anything, it shows that you are confident in your abilities and know you can complete the task at hand. It’s crazy that even at such a young age she believes that she is fully confident in herself. I mean yea, she is a kid and believes she knows and can do anything/everything and one day she will realize that she needs help in some areas. Whenever that day comes, and she needs my help, it is my job to be prepared and ready.

On a side note, I’ve been looking for some good step-parenting books to read and was wondering if anyone had some good recommendations.


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