Do Not Disturb!!

hqdefaultPast week or so it has been hot as hell up here and most people can’t tolerate it, especially at night. I love the heat, after going to college in Arizona, I am used to that 115o + weather, but I hate being hot, sweaty when I am trying to sleep. It is probably one of the worst feelings to wake up and be covered in sweat. I NEED fans, Air Conditioner etc. all pointed on me during the summer otherwise my quality of sleep goes down the drain, which is probably like most people.

Anyways, Natalia’s room has been way too hot for her too sleep. Instead, she has been passing out in our bed until it cools off more in her room. I feel like it’s an art, how parents can transport a sleeping child quickly, smoothly, from somewhere to their bed without waking them up. Man, anytime my girlfriend is like, “go put her in her room if it’s cold enough,” shudders start to go down my spine. Mainly because even though I know I can do it… I am nowhere near perfect and the last thing I want is her waking up and not being happy, safe and comfortable so she can fall back asleep.

Well, upon hearing these words last night…  before I even went to get Natalia, from previous failures and watching my girlfriend I learned it is KEY to ensure that her bed in her room is ready before anything happens. This allows a smoother transition from one bed to the next without you fumbling around for pillows and blankets while holding the baby. Seems simple right? Do this first!! I crept into our bedroom, slowly scooping her up and held her close to me as I slowly walked into her room.

Yes! I thought I made it to her room and she is still asleep Victory! Nope, the second I started to lay her down in her bed she started to wake up and cry. Man…… I got this though… I think… I attempted to calm her and as I was in the middle of doing so behind me I heard my girlfriend in the hallway. Shit, will I ever be able to do this parenting I thought to myself? Expecting her to come into the room and take control of the situation, I was surprised when she just stayed in the hallway, letting me handle and control the situation. Yea, I didn’t do it perfectly, but she allowed me to finish what I had started and believed in my abilities. Eventually, I was able to calm Natalia and she fell back asleep as I slowly, like a church mouse, snuck out of her room, shutting the door behind me. By then my girlfriend had left the hallway and was in the kitchen doing her own thing. Later, she told me she was about to come in the room, calm Natalia and put her to sleep, but stopped in the hallway, waiting to see if I could handle it or if I needed assistance.

It felt good to know that she has started to trust me, but most of all, by her not being there it allowed me to be more confident in myself. On the flip side, I know she is going to expect me to do this more often now, soooo I better improve quickly!!


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