Moving In: Part 1

packing-and-shipping-tipsBeen a Long past few days… You really don’t realize how much ‘stuff’ you have until a moving truck is full of it. We had finally found a place, the one with the great view I had mentioned earlier, only to find out they chose to go with another applicant. Upon hearing this news, both of us were anxious even more so now, because she had to be fully out of the place by August 8…. They ended up telling us they chose to go with someone else on August 3rd… Honestly, I had no idea what kind of house we were going to get at that point, even though there were numerous rentals, the market is very competitive.

That Friday at work, I scheduled 5-6 walkthroughs for tomorrow at different locations, two of which contained houses that both of us really enjoyed.  I got to see was in my mind was “the one,” as I walked through the front door I could clearly see us living and making this house our home.

Even though I was sold on this house I proceeded to check out all the other ones including the one my girlfriend fell in love with. Had an enormous backyard and the floor plan was open and spread out, giving enough room for everyone! We ended up applying for both homes and were “accepted/approved” by the landlord of the home I thought was perfect. I know my girlfriend is having to compromise with this house, due to it having a smaller yard, garage etc. even so, she has been graceful and happy about the opportunity to live here as our official first home as a family.


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