Moving in Part II:

img_1740Well…. Make sure you have competent movers when deciding on what company you want to use. So even AFTER they filled up their truck, mind you, it took 6 hours for them to fill it up… When it should have only taken ~2 hours!! So, my girlfriend and I for the next two days spent all-nighters packing and moving the rest of our stuff to the new house. Frustrated… to say the least, we were finally all moved in and boxes were EVERYWHERE!!

Now onto the fun part about when you move, UNPACKING! The once empty house was suddenly filled with boxes, furniture, and a family. The highest priority was first ensuring Natalia’s room was completed and her bed ready for her. Was fun to see her eyes light up as she walked into her “new” room and hearing the glee in her voice as she ran around the house.

I started out with organizing and unpacking the garage, which contained boxes, tools and ongoing furniture restoration projects my girlfriend was working on. My girlfriend proceeded to work in the kitchen and downstairs all the while keeping Natalia entertained and busy. By the time it was dark outside both of us had nearly completed those spaces and ended up taking a break to watch a movie, Deadpool 2… Where both of us passed out probably 5 minutes in.

For the next few days, we have unpacked and unpacked and yea… unpacked haha. I don’t want to see another box again for a while!  Thing is though, I still need to go pack up my apartment and move it all into the house also… FUN TIMES! Most of the house is done and really the only room that needs a lot of work on is the master. It has been neat seeing how we have both gone about making this house feel like a “home.” I can say I see the light at the end of the tunnel… finally because I want to be done with moving!


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