How does the mastery approach help progress in mathematics

When I first met Natalia… coming up on a year now, Wow!! She was the sweetest little girl you could meet. Even though she was EXTREMELY shy towards most people (come to find out) she instantly warmed up to me. So much so, sometimes she would prefer me over mom in putting her to bed, reading stories and cuddling with. This same sweet girl was somewhat behind developmentally. No, it’s not because she isn’t smart, she is VERY smart and VERY capable of doing anything. But the summer before I met her I learned that she had ear tubes put into her ears, come to find out she REALLY needed them.

The amount of growth and progress she has made both verbally and physically compared to last summer is astounding. She is nonstop talking, and every day is improving on her word usage and understanding of them. She still struggles with knowing when to control her volume and use an inside voice inside and not an outside one, but hey, she is a kid.

Physically, she has gone from “thinking” she is jumping to full-on jumping, falling down/getting up and conquering the playground toys, even new ones! When we go to the park is her desire to have EVERYONES attention, she will even yell at other dads saying “LOOK,” which is hilarious. I mean she would struggle on stairs, be afraid of them etc. and now she is climbing up rung ladders and running all over the park.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to witness her progress so far in these areas and I know the sky is the limit with her. She is hilarious, just like her mom and is a total goofball and is always on the go. I’m scared and looking forward to what the next year holds in store for her growth wise, but I know she’ll do great.

It will be cool to look back a year from now at some of the things I have blogged about and compare them to how things are then. Good or bad, changes are in store for us and together I know we can get through them all.


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