Continuing from the “Update” post, but after dinner, we all went into the living room and sat down and picked out a movie. I ended up finding a movie I had seen a long time ago and thought Natalia might enjoy it, ‘Rise of the Guardians.’

During the movie, like any kid’s movie, the characters are introduced, a story is unfolding, something happens, and the protagonist saves the day. Even though I had seen this movie quite a few times, watching it with Natalia made me see the movie in a different light… What I mean by that is, instead of just watching a movie for the enjoyment purpose, which I am accustomed to doing, now I was ensuring the content in the movie was going to be beneficial to her.

Instead of glossing over parts of the movie, I instead was watching intently… If you haven’t seen the movie, the “Guardians” are the common mythic folk heroes that most kids believe in… The Easter Bunny, Santa, Sandman, Tooth Fairy etc. Well, there is a need for a new ‘guardian’ due to certain circumstances, which causes a new character to be introduced to the rest of the current guardians. Unsure why they are there as a guardian they begin to doubt themselves for they feel like they have no real purpose in life. Santa pulls this character aside and shows him around his workshop before ending up in his office. Now, I have NEVER really paid attention to this part, but now that I have it resonated with me causing me to think about a question Santa asked him.

Santa proceeds to pull out a box, which contains a matryoshka doll or a Russian stacking doll. You know the ones that you open and there is a smaller identical copy inside and they get smaller and smaller. Well, Santa proceeds to open each part of the doll, where the facial expressions on the dolls were representative of aspects of Santa, but he soon reached the middle… Where the smallest doll looked like a baby, with HUGE blue eyes etc. Santa asked the character, “What do you see?” Obviously, he responded, “…. A baby…” even though it was a baby that wasn’t the reason it was at the center of the doll. Santa responded, “…look closer, do you see his big eyes?! They are very big because they are full of WONDER that is and that is my center, my purpose in life and what I protect in children.”

It made me question, what is my Center? What is my purpose for being alive? The past couple of weeks I have thought a lot about this and even now I still am not sure what my center is. It is NOT an easy question to answer, but it is an important one to answer. Everyone’s answer will vary drastically, which is why it is difficult to find your answer because it is unique to you and you alone.



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