Spur of the moment my girlfriend called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the baseball game. I’m not sure why, but anytime someone asks me something like this, no matter who it is, I go into an analytical mode. Do I have time…. Will we have fun…. How much work do I have left… etc. Numerous amounts of these types of questions run through my head and during that I may blurt out “Why?” I can tell you from experience DON’T do that and better to say nothing than it is to respond with that answer.

Fortunately, I had just enough time and didn’t even think about it and said, Yup, let’s do it. No idea where the tickets were coming from etc. Just trusted she had it handled.
We got down to the ballpark and ended up checking out this beer garden right across the street. It is REALLY hard for me to pay for alcohol at places like this, I think I spent like 34$ or something on just 2 shots and a beer… ANYWAY, I tried to ignore this fact and just be in the moment and enjoy hanging out with her. After we walked around and talked some we wandered into the stadium where we found our seats.

Chowed down on some garlic fries, hot dogs, and nachos all the while enjoying the baseball game. A few innings later I wanted to go walk around since it had been a while since I had been to the stadium. We ended up in the team store, where she had the idea to buy my little sister a birthday present since was going to be up here visiting and just had her birthday. It was awesome to see her just want to do something like that even though she didn’t have to consider my sister at all. She hadn’t even met her yet so who knows she might have hated her haha.

After we walked around some more, we ended back at our seats and enjoyed the rest of the game. For a spur of the moment date, it was awesome and a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one!


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