Moving In: Part 1

Been a Long past few days… You really don’t realize how much ‘stuff’ you have until a moving truck is full of it. We had finally found a place, the one with the great view I had mentioned earlier, only to find out they chose to go with another applicant. Upon hearing this news, both … More Moving In: Part 1

Do Not Disturb!!

Past week or so it has been hot as hell up here and most people can’t tolerate it, especially at night. I love the heat, after going to college in Arizona, I am used to that 115o + weather, but I hate being hot, sweaty when I am trying to sleep. It is probably one … More Do Not Disturb!!

Fish Oil 101

What is Fish Oil? Why is it important for YOU to supplement?! Well, fish oil usually comes from oily fish like tuna, mackerel etc. occasionally it is manufactured from the livers of fish. The average person should consume at least 1-2 portions of fish a week, which is due to the many health benefits that … More Fish Oil 101