Bringing about Change

I don’t know if its fate or whatever, but 3 different couples have come up to me at the gym at various times/days and wanted to talk to me about entrepreneurship. I mean each of their stories and what they talked about seemed… too good to be true. So, I gave little to no credence about anything they said even though one of them had a similar background as myself. We tried meeting up a few times over the past year, but things always came up for me that were, at the time more of a priority.

Well, yesterday I just said, “screw it” and met up with him at a Starbucks after work. It seems like that mentality has helped me overcome when I am hesitant about something. Even up until maybe there was an hour or so before I left work to go meet up with him, the thought of just making up an excuse and not going still crossed my mind.

Long story short: I am glad I went. Not only did I need this type of change in my life, but a lot of the things we chatted about made me reflect on my own goals.

He poised numerous questions that his mentor poised to him when he sought him out for guidance.

“When do you want to retire?”

“What are your dreams?”

“What’s more valuable to you: Money, Time, Impact?”

“What’s your dream thing to own?”

He said a few things that made a huge impact on me. When he posed the question, about “What’s your dream thing to own?” he said his was a private jet. At first without even considering the rest of what he had to say I scoffed at him inside my head. “Yeaaaaa Right!” Then I heard the determination in his voice and saw the confidence in his eyes. Here is his reason though for wanting something of that nature… No, it wasn’t for vanities sake or anything of that nature. Instead, it was for things like being able to go pick up his parents in Texas and go on a vacation with them or even pick up his nephews and parents and take them all somewhere. Wow. I wasn’t expecting that answer at all! He wants something not for status, I mean yea… naturally, it will bring some by having one, but he wants it, so he can make an IMPACT.

What amazed me the most out of talking with him is just the impact the guy he looks up to as a mentor has had on him. Out of everything I have tried to change my life, finding a “mentor” hasn’t been one of them. He literally saw someone who had a life he wanted and pursued that relationship with them at all costs. Sounds so simple. But myself, like many others, are prideful and believe we can do it all on our own. There are soooo many resources available now that people can literally find anything in a book, on YouTube or the internet. Who needs mentors?! Apparently, I do.

Not only is it a different path for me to gain experience and grow, but it’s an opportunity to be held accountable by someone other than myself. Many of us always shortchange ourselves/goals and put things off because we aren’t up for it. THOSE are the times we all need someone to kick us in the ASS and put us in high gear. A mentor can do that for you.

Honestly, I am not sure where this new friendship is going, but I do know that it is challenging me in new ways. I am going to pursue it and see where it leads because I feel like its “meant to be.” I’ve thought it may have been God’s way of sending me help/guidance by having those 3 different couples introduce themselves and talk to me. Instead of waiting for “help/guidance” which I believe would be the most beneficial for me I need to take this opportunity and run with it…



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