Honey-Do List Hack

Thought I would briefly share this, but if you have been following my blog you recently know that we moved into a new house. With that comes packing, unpacking, organizing and throwing away things. For a while, I always found it “daunting” to hang things in the house without an electronic stud finder. I mean who wants to make a big ass hole in their drywall for no reason!

Since I didn’t have an electronic stud finder on hand, instead I just used a very strong magnet. Simple right? Typically, most studs are spaced 16” or 24” apart and generally are 2”x4” or 2”x6” you can start from the edge of one wall and move 16” inward with your magnet. When your magnet is above the location of the stud, you will start to feel a “pull” as your magnet becomes attracted to the screws in the studs already. Meaning that you have found the location of where the stud is and now you can hang whatever it is you need to there.

So, if you don’t want to spend the 20-30$ on a stud finder just simply use a strong magnet and get to work! Cause if your wife/girlfriend is like mine your “honey-do” list is exponentially growing.


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