Redirecting Behavior

An area I have been trying to be better at is redirecting Natalia instead of just saying “No” or stopping her from doing something, which I know could cause her harm.

Maybe it is because I was raised this way, but just feels more natural for me to prevent a likely mess from happening to just say Nope! I have learned quickly that mindset isn’t what living life is all about, you need a mess to clean up sometimes in your life right? There are those days though where it’s a struggle and any other task that might add to your pile already could be the tipping point.

Limiting her choices vs. not offering any choices for her, allows me to take away choices that are unacceptable to me, but at the same time give HER the power to make her own choice. When I tell her “No! Don’t do that” I didn’t give her a choice, sometimes that IS needed, but at the same time, I could offer her other things for her to do instead. This would allow her to learn to manage her time and or learn that there are consequences for some of her choices.

My girlfriend constantly tells me all I tell her is “No” and it bothers me a lot. My intention isn’t to limit her to what she is able to do, but rather, to protect her from the possible outcomes that may or may not happen. Instead of taking away her choice I could offer her a different toy or give the other choices that she can make.

I know this is going to be a hard one for me to follow through on, mainly due to my subconscious and automatic response sometimes.


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