Romance Hack

If your girlfriend/wife is anything like mine, come Fall/Winter alllll the candles start coming out and soon your house is filled with unique scents. On occasion, I will surprise my girlfriend and maybe do a candlelit dinner or a bath etc. Either way finding the candles has ALWAYS been the easy part for me.

The hardest part is finding a lighter… Most of her candles are in these ornate, huge glass holders that either you can’t reach the wick, or you must tip the candle in a way that results in burning your fingers. Tired of this I ended up buying some “long stem” lighters that I try to keep in 2 main places…. Mysteriously every single time they grow legs and are never in either of those places.  She repeatedly always tells me it wasn’t her that moved them, and it is probably our house “ghost.” SIGH

Last night, I attempted to light some and to my amusement, the lighters AGAIN were not there. Instead, I used an uncooked spaghetti noodle, lit one of the ends and was able to reach the wick inside. Ha… Who knew. This was of course after attempting to do this with a Q-Tip (FAIL) and various other things I could find, all resulting in failure… burned fingers and me promising to never light candles ever again!

Using uncooked spaghetti had never crossed my mind until I was cooking dinner and one of the uncooked noodles didn’t make it into the pot, fell near the burner and caught on fire. Not really thinking anything of it at the time I thought it looked like a punk stick (the sticks most people use to light fireworks).

Honestly, didn’t know it was a thing until I heard one of my coworkers suggested it after they had read it on some life hack/DIY site. Damn… Should have patented it!

There you go fellas, no excuses now. If you have kids, you will have some spaghetti noodles of some kind in your pantry. When all else fails use them as a substitute, light those damn candles and make your significant other feel special.


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