A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to my step-brother’s wedding. The venue was amazing… and probably super expensive, which made me glad I wasn’t footing the bill. Located near the water it had great views of the city and the surrounding harbor.

Overall, we both had a blast and the night was filled with laughs and FREE drinks! I mean come on, most of us only go to weddings for the food, cake, and booze, right?

During the ceremony, however, the pastor they chose to preside over it shared a very empowering story about two lizards.

“On our walks, we would pass by this older building, which at first seems abandoned, but when as you walk towards the entrance you soon realize it was full of life. People were constantly coming, going as if they were trading spaces with one another. If you looked close enough, you would notice that two smaller lizards had taken up residence as they would stretch out on top of the wall soaking in the afternoon sun.

We passed by this spot maybe every other day on our walks throughout the entire summer. Always wondering if we would catch a glimpse of those lizards relaxing in the sun. Without fail, they were always there, unafraid of all the noise that surrounded them. Seasons passed, temperatures changed and soon we were passing this spot more infrequently. The lizards themselves had probably gone elsewhere to find a warmer more suitable area for them.

Before you knew it was summer again and we both wondered if we’d ever see them again. We started our walk and as we got closer to the entrance/gate of the wall we saw some of the leaves bustle about as if we had scared something. Thinking it might have been our pals, we walked closer and peaked through the leaves, trying to see whether they were there.

What they saw would soon become a life lesson and story that they shared with everyone. Not only had they found their lizard pals, but something was different. Unable to put a finger on it we observed the one lizard who was just lying there, comfortably on a grassy mound. Where was the other one? Did it abandon him? When they looked closer to the idle lizard, which seemed content just lying there and wasn’t trying to run or anything of that nature. Why?

The answer was there in front of them, something must have happened to it… But what?! How is this guy even alive? They wondered, just then across from them, the other lizard poked its head out of the grass. Looking at both of us, it slowly walked over to the other lizard, which didn’t move at all from his grassy mound and in its mouth, it had some food it had found. It placed the food in front of the lame lizard, which happily started biting into it… It all made sense.”

LOVE. What is it? Do you only love someone during the good times, but once they get bad or challenged do you not love them anymore? I mean the only reason that other lizard is alive was from the love and compassion of the other one. Who didn’t abandon it, which it could have easily, but instead chose to be there through it all.

I feel a lot of the time, these days especially, people claim to love someone, but before you know it they are either separated or divorced from them. Sure, there are numerous circumstances that would warrant someone to leave the other, but often people say they were no longer in love or happy with them.

I believe that going through these challenges together, will not only empower each of you but also strengthens your bond.

That was my take away from that story and it made me think a lot about my relationship and love I have for my girlfriend. About all the challenges we have faced and conquered, to the ones we are currently going through. Would I change it? Maybe, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because everything we have faced thus far has only brought us closer together.

Would love to hear if you drew a different message from that story and how it impacted you.


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