The Fair

Recently we went on a family adventure and ended up at the FAIR!!! Even though it had been a long day and we didn’t get there till later, we made the most of it. Natalia was ecstatic when she was able to see all the various kinds of animals ranging from goats, pigs, sheep, cows, and even horses!

It felt like the second we walked through the entrance, her eyes lit up and she became overcharged with energy and excitement. I couldn’t help myself but laugh a little inside and treasuring these moments. We saw every animal they probably had at the fair and she even started trying to let some of the pigs free by opening their gate. Luckily, no pigs escaped!

Someone was kind enough to give her their huge stuffed animal goat that they had one from prizes. Literally, it was bigger than she was, but she was adamant about carrying it everywhere we went for the rest of the night.

We ventured over to the kid area of the fair where they offered various kinds of rides. She was just about tall enough to do most of them at 36” luckily because GOD FORBID if she hadn’t been able to go on any of them…. Would have not been a fun rest of the night.

We even found a ride where she felt comfortable going on all by herself and demanded to go on it multiple times afterward.

All in all, everyone had fun and the second we hopped back in the car to head home both her and my girlfriend instantly passed out.


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