Activities with Kids

I never thought the dollar store would be a treasure trove of activities to do with your kids. The best part is it’s only 1$ and they believe whatever you bought them is worth WAYYYY more than that. Parenting WIN. These days seems just going anywhere seems expensive. I mean the other night we went out on a date and spent probably 150$!! What happened to those matinee movie prices when we were growing up (at least me) that were only 5$.

Natalia decided she really wanted to make these pumpkin arts and crafts. Pretty simple, just pieces of felt that you glue on to each other with a glue stick. I wasn’t sure how she would be able to handle this craft, but she did amazing and all of it was her (minus helping her glue pieces). I did one next to her and she followed along on her own pumpkin. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the pumpkins she made (see below), mainly because anytime Natalia is surprised, she makes that exact SAME face.

As we grow older I believe we forget so easily how much fun can be had with simple things that are all around us. Natalia has been a great reminder to me on how you can find so much enjoyment over coloring on a cardboard box to building pillow forts.

The same thing can be related to having fun with your significant other, don’t always need to spend lavish gifts on her or take her on special dates.

Just remember, the simple things in life can bring about the most joy for us. Kids will remind you of that day don’t forget that feeling and hold on to it!


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