I think it is absurd how much Daycares are charging now to take care of your children. Yes, you want your child in a safe, clean and an environment that promotes learning, but at what cost? The US Department of Health and Human Services stated in 2016 that childcare affordability should be AT or BELOW 7% of the total household income…


Data that was collected showed that on average center-based child care was greater than 27% of the median income for single parents. Wait… What?! Personally, I try to keep my housing/rent costs at or below 30% of my gross income… How is a single parent supposed to be able to provide a healthy, comfortable lifestyle for their children when nearly 60% of every paycheck is gone just to childcare and housing costs?



What’s even worse, is that most child care workers are paid at or below the median wage across the U.S. Meaning they themselves are unable to afford childcare for their own families and are likely struggling to make ends meet.

The most interesting statistic from this report was the fact that the average annual center-based child care cost is higher than tuition at a four-year public college…


Even then college tuitions are climbing at exponential rates…. And for what reason?

Many things need to be done to not only address the cost of childcare and burden on families, but also the working conditions for most childcare workers. It is a vicious cycle and to me seems like no one wins in the end. Parents are forced to work two jobs or look at other means to make ends meet, which doesn’t allow them to spend as much time with their kids. People don’t want to go into childcare as a career because, for the most part, they wouldn’t be making enough money to provide for their own families.




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