Dance Party

A while ago, maybe a month or so? I had just picked Natalia up from daycare, got her situated before proceeding to turn on my car. My music suddenly came on over the speakers, I look back and to my amusement see Natalia headbanging like she was at a rock concert. I couldn’t help but tell her No…. THIS is how you dance to this type of music and she began to mimic every move I made on our drive home.

Yesterday, similar situation, my music comes on over the speakers and not really thinking about it I start our drive home. Upon reaching a stop light, I turn my head back and what do I see? Natalia doing all the dance moves I had showed her with a huge grin on her face. I tried catching it on video, but my phone would turn the music off before allowing me to start recording.

I instantly texted my girlfriend, “You need to see this!!” As we pulled into our driveway, I HOPED she would continue dancing even if she saw Mom…. ANDDD she did! My girlfriend couldn’t stop cracking up because she was SOOOO into it.

Later that night before bed we did our typical once a week living room dance party… Natalia loved it and I couldn’t help but smile, laugh and dance along with her.


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