Pumpkin Patch!!

It’s crazy how kids think they can do anything and even attempt things they are physically incapable of doing yet. I couldn’t help but smile every time Natalia would find a pumpkin, most of the time a lot bigger than she was an attempt to carry it. The best part was watching… Yes, but also hearing her sweet voice say, “Daddy I need help.”

Wonder how long that will last… Teens?

We had a blast at the pumpkin patch and will probably head back there soon to enjoy the whole experience … this time we were mainly there to find some pumpkins.

Before going to the patch, I noticed my girlfriend put on her squeaky, clean Nike gym shoes on… She INSISTED that the patch would be mostly dry dirt since the weather was nice and it hadn’t been raining…. This is where myself and most guys don’t say anything and silently nod our heads even though we know the opposite is true.

Now, I don’t know if she just didn’t want to agree with me and instead just secretly put extra shoes in the car OR if those shoes were there already… BUTTTT when we got to the patch she started changing out of her Nikes and into a pair of shoes that she didn’t mind getting muddy… KNEW IT.

I wish I had a before and after picture of the shoes, she wore because they were CAKED in mud. If those had been her Nikes… Yea, don’t even want to think about it.

We found a variety of pumpkins, and I can’t wait to start carving them up for Halloween.

T-Minus 16 days!


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