Dads and Bathtime

For most of us Dads, baths are a thing of the past, showers, are now the preferred method when it comes to cleaning up. It is so hard to “enjoy” a bath unless you are on vacation but just feels like I am losing precious time sitting in a cup of water. I do enjoy the occasional bath, which is normally accompanied by my girlfriend…. Who LOVES baths. Before her, I can’t even remember the last time I took a bath.

One of my biggest achievements thus far is being able to successfully navigate bath time with Natalia. Making it fun and enjoyable for her, but also getting her cleaned up… including her hair…. Which she is super sensitive about and will completely break down and make what should be a fun time a nightmare.

I’ll be the first to admit I learned the majority of how to do bath time from my girlfriend. She HAS long hair and knows how to properly take care, comb, and all that nonsense. The first tricky part both of us struggled with was figuring out a way to get Natalia to look upward so that we could wash out all the conditioner and shampoo. This ranged from various acts of nonsense and distraction, which all ended up either with one of us soaked with water or Natalia in tears.

Then BAM my girlfriend had a great idea, not sure where it came from, but she got two small buckets. This would allow Natalia to help us wash her hair out with her own bucket of water, while we had the other bucket. Worked like a charm! This soon evolved into also using one of her favorite bath toys, a toy superman, and making him fly wayyy above her head, which in turn she would look up to find him.

Now, she had clean hair, but guess what was next… the dreaded COMBING of the hair… Dads you need to learn quickly how to properly comb hair, style hair etc. By doing so you will receive praise from your significant other GUARANTEED!

We found out that the best time to comb her hair, which she didn’t seem to mind AS much was when her hair had conditioner in it. Natalia is occasionally bothered by some of the tangles her LONG hair gets into, but for the most part, she does great. So much so that me, a guy who a year ago was living on his own, with no responsibilities other than himself can now successfully do bath time on my own with her.

Every kid is unique and different when it comes to bath time but making it fun and enjoyable is first and foremost important part of having a bath. So instead of huffing and puffing when it’s your turn for bath night (I am guilty of this occasionally), use it as a fun, bonding moment with your kids and enjoy every second…. Including the ones, which cover you in soapy water….


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