Halloween Dressup and The DECISION

We ventured out to one of those Spirit stores that pop up around Halloween in various locations packed full of supplies and costumes. I think I was more excited than my girlfriend because I wanted to have Natalia try on all the various masks in the store. It took a while for us to settle on just ONE costume because around every other corner she would see something and instantly THAT was the ONE.


Cat Boy! That blue boy from the show PJ Masks? This is currently Natalia’s favorite show and for the longest time, I thought it was called PB Masks. I had no idea what it was about till I watched an episode with her… And now I know why she loves it.

You’ll have to wait till Halloween for me to get a picture of her wearing the costume, but she looked super cute in it and was smiling from ear to ear… or is it cat ear to cat ear…

We were pondering ideas for our own costumes as we walked around, and my girlfriend suggested Suicide Squad, which would be fun. Stay tuned to find out what we end up deciding.

Has anyone else decided what costumes they are going to where or ones their kids have picked out to wear yet?


Couldn’t help but laugh at this one.


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