Top 5 Skills Every Dad Should Have:

Tie a freaking Tie

Today’s work culture is EXTREMELY casual when it comes to proper work attire or what is even considered OK. Even today I saw someone wearing a Kilt to work… I don’t have anything against them wearing one, but 20 years ago would that have been acceptable attire?

I typically wear shorts… YEAR-round and will even occasionally wear a sweatshirt… I can tie a basic tie, or “simple knot,” but even sometimes I forget and need to go look on YouTube since it is so infrequent that I need to wear one.

There are funerals, job interviews, and weddings where wearing a sharp tie is appropriate and many of us will be attending plenty of these throughout our lifetime. All of us Dads, at one point, will even need to be able to teach our kids how to tie neckties. You don’t want to be the Dad that just tells them to go look online and figure it out on their own… Do you?!



Properly Hanging Things

These were skills I learned and mastered quickly upon moving into our new home. Most of my life I just covered my walls in posters instead of putting any effort into hanging pictures or shelves. That DOESN’T fly once you are:

  1. Living with your significant other
  2. Have kids who are constantly getting into things.

In one of my earlier posts, ‘Honey-Do List Hack,’ I mentioned a cost-effective way of finding wall studs, which are key in hanging heavier items if you opt to not use anchors. This is just one of the many things you will need to learn about including the various kinds of anchors… screws… drill bits… etc.


Jumpstarting a Car

I have witnessed numerous people who either have no idea how to do this OR the order in which they hook up the cables is incorrect. It is VERY simple Dads:

  1. Place one of the Red Clamps to the + Positive terminal on the “dead” battery
  2. Connect the other end of the Red Clamp to the + Positive terminal on the good battery.
  3. Carefully connect the Black Clamp to the – Negative terminal on the good battery.

This is where people typically screw up

  1. Connect the other end of the Black Clamp to a large metallic part of the “dead” battery’s car engine block. NEVER connect it to the – Negative terminal of the “dead” battery. If done this could cause sparking, which then could ignite battery gases.
  2. Start the working car and let idle for a few minutes prior to starting the “dead” battery car.
  3. Once the “dead” battery car is running, immediately remove the jumper cables in the REVERSE order meaning:
    1. Removing the Black Clamp that was attached to a metallic part of the “dead” battery’s engine block
    2. Removing the Black Clamp from the working Car’s Battery – Negative Terminal
    3. Removing the Red Clamp + Positive from the working battery’s terminal
    4. Finally removing the other Red Clamp + Positive that was attached to the “dead” battery’s terminal.



Building IKEA or Various Flatpack Furniture

Personally, this is probably one of my favorite things to do when it comes to a Honey-Do list. I loved LEGOs as a kid and I view stuff like this as a more expensive kind of LEGOs. Most of these things come with simple instructions, are very easy to follow and require some to no tools.

Don’t be afraid, follow the instructions, use the internet and look for guides or videos, they are out there. You will be amazed how happy your significant other will be when they come home to a built TV entertainment center instead of a box of parts for one.


Building a Fire

Whether it be a campfire, fire pit, EVERY Dad should know how to properly build a fire. One of the first things my girlfriend noticed I could do and LOVED was that could properly build a fire. Especially during the winter, nothing makes your significant other happier than waking up to a cozy, warm fire and enjoying their morning coffee.

There may come a time when there is no power, no heat and you have no option but to build a fire. It is an invaluable skill when it comes to being the Man and the Dad of the house. It is YOUR duty to ensure the survival and safety of those under your roof, MASTER this.




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