Losing the Dad Bod

Goal: 210lbs

Current: 228lbs

Timeframe: 10/23/18-1/30/18



9 am Protein Shake

12 pm 1 cup of Oatmeal, 3 eggs and 3 egg whites

3 pm Protein Bar

6 pm 8oz of Meat 6oz Veggies

9 pm Casein Protein Shake or Yogurt



Will post later what I am doing in terms of lifting and cardio



In one of my earliest posts, I shared that I was overweight, unhappy and had no cares in the world. Now, just because I have the so-called “dad bod” doesn’t mean I am unhappy, that isn’t the case at all. I am happy and excited to see where things take me right now, but like anything, in life, I need to re-focus in some key areas that are important to me… My health is one of them.

The biggest thing I will gain from this isn’t losing the weight a.k.a Dad Bod, but instead setting a GOAL and pushing myself to achieve it. I believe setting “physical” goals are the easiest to attain and aid in you disciplining yourself to reach other goals you may have set for yourself.

Unlike other types of goals, physical ones are visual, YOU and EVERYONE around you can see them, giving them merit and a sense of progression. Whereas mental, emotional or other types of goals are harder to:


  1. Be accountable for
  2. See the Progress You are Making
  3. Are sometimes not fully in your control.


I plan on updating you all weekly my progression, my failures, and shortcomings, but most of all the changes I begin to see. Not just changes I am seeing in the gym, but the ones I am seeing in my life as well due to me pushing myself towards a goal.

If anyone wants to get some tips on how they should formulate a diet and or workout plan, feel free to either comment below or message me. I will respond as soon as I can and cater a plan/diet that works for you.





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