What is it with YouTube…

Kids today LOVE YouTube… And some of the stuff they are watching on their boggles my mind how it reaches 4 million views… I mean yesterday before dinner Natalia was watching some random thing on YouTube that was showing a family eating various kinds of chips… CHIPS! I look down at the views and am dumbfounded… WTF how does something like THIS get that many views.

My girlfriend informed me now that whenever she opens her YouTube, there is always some new video she has favorited, liked or viewed numerous times (Natalia uses her YouTube account). Even though they have NO idea what any of those buttons mean they are constantly pushed. It makes me wonder if some of these videos are telling kids where the “Like”, “Subscribe”, buttons are so that they garner more views, aka $$$$.

I have even watched her watch other kids open toys and her eyes are GLUED to the screen as if she is watching magic happen.

What kinds of things do you find your kids watching on YouTube? How do you monitor what they can or can’t watch?


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