The Case of the Permanent Marker

Unfortunately, all crime scene photos were lost, only thing that is left is one of the two culprits.

So, after last night’s events aka The Dance Party… We ended up doing some pumpkin carving until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer… We put away all the carving tools to prevent curious hands from causing any harm or mischief and went to bed…

This was going to be the first morning in all week of not having to be up early for the gym or any meetings and BOY was I looking forward to sleeping in.

I begrudgingly open my eyes… still half asleep… to Natalia proclaiming… “Dad look at me!” Having no idea what I was looking at or why, in my half-asleep stated, “That’s awesome!” She scurried off downstairs where my girlfriend was saying, “I showed Dad, Mom!”

Now… Next is where things get interesting.

As she scurried off, I closed my eyes again in an attempt to sleep just a LITTLE longer. The reply from my girlfriend changed that notion instantly. Suddenly I hear, “Go show your Dad what you did to your face…” Wait what? What could she have down to her face… I wondered, not knowing if it was going to be a good or bad thing.

Natalia BURSTS into the room and is shouting, “Look, Dad, look what I did!!!” Now, I was still half asleep, but I did open my eyes fully and as they adjusted I saw what LOOKED like Natalia…. But why was her face all black? WTF? Who is this child!?

Not having my glasses on made it difficult to see what was standing before me…   It was Natalia… and her face was covered with something that was black. I instantly thought, “Great, wonder how much black paint is everywhere,” I calmly asked her, “What did you do Natalia? What is on your face?” Before she answered she ran off downstairs as I started to get some warmer clothes on.

As I am walking down the stairs I can hear my girlfriends’ voice getting louder and louder… Saying, “No more TV… Candy… Crayons… Markers… going down the WHOLE list till she just said you get, NOTHING!!! You get to sit and stare at a wall for the rest of the day!” Uhhh ok? What am I missing here…?

I ask my girlfriend what is on her face… and guess what it is… No, it is NOT paint… INSTEAD, she literally used a big, fat black sharpie and covered her face, her hands, her feet, her legs even her belly button! WHAT ON EARTH!?! This was even after us explaining to her about what we color on (paper) and what do we not color on (anything else).

Now I start to think…. “How much of this is going to even come off? How long is she going to have a faded sharpie on her face? How are we going to get this off even?!?” I run upstairs, start a bath, grab a face towel to begin the “body cleansing.”

I instantly think to use… Mr. Orange, starting on her hands and feet to see whether anything would come off. Trying to be as CALM as possible, even though I probably wasn’t fully making her feel that way, I began to gently scrub her hands and noticed the marker starting to come off. VICTORY!!! B

UT… we can’t use this on her face at all! What can I do? As I was thinking of various things my girlfriend brought in some coconut oil to see if that would do anything. All the while Natalia is NOT enjoying this at all and is crying, screaming and is trying to be as difficult as humanly possible so that we can’t scrub the marker off her skin.

I probably just sealed my death sentence with her and ever giving her a bath again.

Going through the whole playbook trying to calm her down, NOTHING, I mean NOTHING was working. I was at such a loss and she kept screaming MOM, MOM, MOM!!

It must be magic or something… my girlfriend didn’t even need to mutter a word… The second… the VERY second, Natalia saw her, she calmed down and instantly started to be playful. Whelp. Mark that up for FAILURE #2 for the day and while feeling useless and in that moment unable to give her what she needed so she can calm down.

Well, my girlfriend, who just started doing Mary Kay, which if you need any make-up you should check her out!! She brought their Make-Up Remover and some cloth facial pads and low and behold MAGIC was indeed happening.

With each swipe of the cloth pad, you could see clear, clean skin! I was amazed at how effective it was in removing the PERMANENT marker from her face and the rest of her body. There was SO much marker on Natalia that as we removed it you could see a thin, black layer of film on the side of the tub start to form. It was hilarious since Natalia was sitting down in the bath, the second she stood up you could see a distinct separation between her clean skin, and the skin that was underneath the muddy water.  Was almost like someone had dipped her in a black can of paint ha-ha.

Now, FINALLY, she was cleaned up and permanent marker-free! Hopefully, this experience taught her how much fun it was to color yourself, but the PRICE you would have to pay to get all that color off yourself.

Next time though, we are going to use Mary Kay’s Make-Up Remover, because it not only made things easier but made Natalia look like a human kid again and not some alien!


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