Update on Dad Bod Journey


Goal: 210lbs

Start: 227lbs

Current: 223lbs

Loss: 4lbs

Elapsed Time:  8 Days

Timeframe: 10/23/18-1/30/18

So far, I am on track and probably would be further along if it weren’t for all the Halloween candy I can’t seem to hide from. Especially those 100 Grand bars! I like how I have set up my diet so far, the hardest part of it has been dinner. Since I am literally only eating meat and veggies (usually a boring salad), it has been harder to enjoy dinner with the girlfriend… who LOVES to cook and can pretty much make anything from scratch. So, when she sees me eating all this plain jane food for dinner, I am constantly being threatened by her only make me boiled chicken for the rest of my days…

Another challenge has been not eating past my 9 pm meal, which has either been Greek Yogurt or a Casein Protein Shake. The goal being that both things have casein protein, which takes longer for your body to digest and therefore keeps you somewhat satiated throughout the night.

Lastly, I need to start getting more sleep at least 6-7 hours. Lately, this seems to vary anywhere from 2-5 hours per night and when I get to the gym I am exhausted… before I even attempt the ball busting workouts that I have been doing.

Goals for the coming week:

Cut out Candy

Get more Sleep


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