Trick or Treat… Smell my Feet…

Last night was awesome! I started off the festivities by stopping at a costume shop on the way home, where I picked up some werewolf masks for me and the girlfriend. What I didn’t do is tell her when I would be home… where she was with Natalia and our Puppy. After I confirmed where they were in the house, I adorned the werewolf mask, which came with some nifty gloves, and proceeded to crawl under the open garage to sneak inside.

I slowly opened the door from the garage that led inside, just waiting for Puppy to rush me and start barking at me… I think it took her a second to realize someone was in the kitchen and she had no idea who it was. She started doing her, ‘Mom someone is here’ type bark and ran over towards me. Luckily, I was able to beat her around the corner and instantly saw Natalia and my girlfriend and went “RAWR!!!”

The second Natalia laid eyes on me she FREAKED!! Considering this is after she was very insistent on us being werewolves for Halloween, while she would be Catboy (from PJMasks). My girlfriend went “EEEK” and I see Natalia SPRINT for dear life towards one of our couches. She climbed up so fast it almost was like she jumped up on the cushion, where she stood there shocked and frightened by my appearance. During this though, our Puppy…. Went into attack mode and if I didn’t take the mask off soon she WAS going to attack me to protect everyone else. Natalia kept saying, “Mommy Werewolf,” as my girlfriend and I started howling like werewolves.Halloween Mommy Werewolf

My girlfriend thought I had scared Natalia so bad that she asked her if she had peed herself cause THAT’S how frightened she was at first. Natalia soon realized it was just me, boring old Dad, underneath the mask and calmed down, as did the Puppy. However, throughout the REST of the night, Natalia REFUSED to even look, touch or be near the werewolf gloves and mask. Even after repetitively explaining to her it was all fake and that we would never let anything hurt her.

We ended up going around our neighborhood for trick or treating, keeping it somewhat simple for her first outing. At first either Mom or Dad, needed to be right next to her and guide her through the whole “process” of trick or treating.  Natalia would walk up, ring the doorbell, knock the door 2x (always 2x for some reason) and proceeded to say, “Trick or Treat!”

The next part, aka the BEST part, of trick or treating, was getting the candy!! This is where things were hilarious because Natalia would NEVER settle for just ONE piece of candy. I mean yea… she sometimes would place them in her bucket one by one and sometimes she would start to walk away before turning back to get more candy. We couldn’t help but laugh and smile. Towards halfway/the end, Natalia got to a point where she would do the WHOLE process by herself and even say, “Thank You” at the end. We were so proud of her…. Until she wanted to stop AT every single house and wouldn’t let either of us carry her now filled candy bucket. Which was dragging now on the ground as we walked from house to house because she was so tired, but insistent that she could handle it.

Was a fun, family-filled evening and I am sure we will have many like these to come in future Halloweens.
Side Note: I don’t think ANYONE handed out King Size candy bars… everyone just had these small miniature sized pieces of candy. OH how the times have changed!



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