Makeup Parties Galore!!

My girlfriend recently started getting into the whole concept of Mary Kay. If you haven’t heard of it, it is one of those MLM companies that if you work hard etc. dividends are headed your way. I was skeptical of this venture of hers but supported her fully and motivated her along the way. Now, you must be thinking “Oh GOD,” another one of these MLM company schemes etc. Honestly, I would say Mary Kay is unique and is also empowering to woman, which is important currently. Mary Kay is unique in the sense that if you decide you want to opt out, they will buy ALL your unused product at 90% of what they sold it to you, I.E. you buy 100$ they give you 90$ regardless.

My girlfriend is amazing, and I truly believe she is more capable than she gives herself credit for. It’s up to us Guys to motivate our significant others, especially when things are challenging for them or they need a change of pace. Mary Kay is both of those things for her. I have seen her reach the point of just saying “screw it all” and pushing through that mindset to eventually making her first sale, at her FIRST party. I could hear that excitement in her voice and see her face light up as she ran up the stairs to tell me. All I could say at that moment was that I was so proud of her. Trust me she was BEAMING!!!

Unlike myself, my girlfriend can make connections with anyone she meets along her path. We’ve been at random bars and she will chat up fellow patrons, crack jokes and be herself. That is not me… yet. I believe anyone can do sales, ANYONE. No matter what type of personality you have, you can sell things. Will you be good at it? Who knows.

The MOST successful kind of salesperson is personable and able to form connections with their clients. As I stated, ANYONE can be in sales and sell, BUT a successful salesperson can form connections to draw that customer back again. That is what my girlfriend is capable of. I mean she can make introverts become extroverts… No joke!

Yesterday, was her first party and it was a SUCCESS. Not only that, she soon thereafter started writing down ways, areas and coming up with improvements for her next one. I honestly thought the second she told me one of her patrons couldn’t make it she was going to just say “screw it.” I knew then and there I needed to go above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly for her, so she could focus on things relevant to her parties’ success. Who knows if my actions played a role in her success, but I can say without a doubt, that she not only overcame her fear of failure but soared up high.

Sometimes the best way to support your significant other is to simply do the dishes, vacuum or other chores that by themselves seem like nothing. However, when you add them all together they no longer are small or carry no weight. Instead, they are a mountain of stress awaiting your significant other the second she has any kind of ‘freedom.’


Wait, who has freedom as a parent these days anyway?


Just remember guys that it is just as important to say nice things, give gifts etc. But I have found that the most rewarding thing you can do for her is to simply assist more in certain areas of household chores etc.


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