Update#2 on Dad Bod Journey

Goal: 210lbs

Start: 227lbs

Current: 219.6lbs

Loss: 7.4lbs

Elapsed Time:  17 Days

Timeframe: 10/23/18-1/30/18

Thank GOD, Halloween is over, a.k.a it is 100x easier to not consume any candy or even be tempted by it. That has made a huge impact overall in the dieting process. I feel like some days I get tons of sleep, while others not so much. As of late, Natalia has been waking up at the same time as if daylight savings never happened… meaning I was not blessed with that extra hour of precious sleep #parenting.

The girlfriend has been gracious and started to cater some of the dinner meals towards my diet while still allowing her some enjoyment to cook. This has helped tremendously, since a lot of my cooking revolves around certain sauces added to meats to give flavors, while hers is ACTUAL cooking and uses herbs, spices and vegetables to produce flavor.

Overall, things are going good so far in both my diet and the gym. When I started out with the new workout regime, I was tiring out easily and not completing all 15 reps that we were doing for 2 sets (30 reps total). Now I can not only do the 15 reps both sets but have slowly started to add weight to most of the lifts we are doing.

This was the first time I have tried dieting like this in terms of only going to the gym every other day and doing ZERO cardio. That has been a blessing because I am not a big fan of cardio, it is so boring! I’ll have to post the whole work out regime next time since we are about to finish the 3rd week of it.

Goals for the coming week:

Get more Sleep

Add some cardio/body weight exercises



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