The Mysterious Noise…

So, the other night I headed off to bed, while the girlfriend was working on one of her projects in the garage. Very typical winding down night for us. A few hours later I wake up to my girlfriend telling me to, “Get up!” Mind you it was 3:36 am in the morning and I had just awoken from a dead sleep. Trying to lay still and not say anything and “act” as if I were still asleep…. Which didn’t last long FYI. She kept saying “Get up!”




She proceeds to tell me that she has been hearing something, which to her sounded like an animal had been severely wounded or something and wanted me to go check it out… outside in the FREEZING cold. So, the house wasn’t on fire… we weren’t being robbed… Everything was ok inside the house, but outside she wanted me to go investigate the sound she had been hearing for a while now.

I bundled up… or so I thought and walked with her and Puppy outside down to the main road outside our neighborhood. The whole walk there I heard nothing…. Like not even a frog. The dog, paying zero attention to anything really, was just doing her thing as we walked, ecstatic that she was getting a walk by Mom and Dad.

Not even a few minutes in I felt frozen, I had only put a sweatshirt, pants on and a beanie thinking that should be enough… Nope! All I could think about was the warm bed I had just left to find this “mystery noise” my girlfriend had heard.

The second we reached the road… My girlfriend whipped out one of our high-powered flashlights, we are talking like 10,000 lumens…. I instantly started laughing! I couldn’t help myself … it was like she was Sherlock Holmes and Puppy was Watson. She began to shine the light furiously along the tree line and up and down the road trying to find her mysterious noise. Meanwhile her partner… Watson (Puppy) just walked around doing nothing until she decided Oh! I might as well go Poop too!

I told my girlfriend that Puppy, literally just took a shit on her “mystery noise.” The whole walk back, my girlfriend was adamant about hearing something and that ‘Puppy’s sniffer was broken’… Phrase of the day folks!

I honestly think she passed out and was having an intense dream and or our Puppy was making whining noises in her sleep… But we heard nothing at all… I was fully awake now, and it wasn’t worth falling back asleep since I was getting up in an hour to head to the gym. All in all, it was worth it to watch her play ‘detective’ and was pretty cute to see her get so into it.


Maybe tonight we will both hear this ‘mysterious noise’ I’ll keep you all updated.


Gf and Puppy


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