The Big Surprise…

Do you remember the time when your parents promoted you into a “big” kid bed?


Frankly, I don’t, my only memories of that event are going from a bed frame that is now used in my Dad’s guest room to a bunk bed. I remember being excited when my parents took me to the furniture store, it had a small detachable ladder off to the side and two large sliding drawers underneath the bed. I think it will be fun someday to show Natalia this blog, which will allow her to relive these moments where often we forget them as we grow older.

We found this great bunk bed, that my girlfriend wanted to personalize for Natalia. What used to be boring red, green and yellow panels were personalized instead. Ranging from color to glitter and even her name in rhinestones, my girlfriend went all out making this bed HER bed.

I tried to get home from work a little early, so I could carry up the pieces and set it up before Natalia became aware of its existence. It was awesome seeing her face light up the second she opened her door and saw what was in her room. She has nonstop been talking about it since and even saying, “I want to hang out in my bed!”

Hard to believe next week she will be turning three years old… Time flies! I think we are planning on having either a PJ Mask Themed Birthday Party or Paw Patrol not sure as of yet.

On a side note, with it being a bunk bed, I hope it will eliminate her desire to jump on beds because…. Now she will bump her head!


Passed Out



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