A Champion Mentality

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you moan and groan about going to work? Think about your life and how it’s everything it isn’t you want it to be? How many excuses do you make before you walk in the door at work?

In one of my earlier blog posts, “Top 3 Things Holding You Back” I talked about how YOU were your own worst enemy and the biggest thing that held you back in life.

As of late, I have succumbed to having that victim mentality, making excuses… rationalizations… all of which has led me to either take it out on those closest to me or make me just depressed about life overall.

A good friend of mine sent me this quote the other day, which led me to give a damn about how I have just let myself go in a lot of key areas in my life.

motivation positive mental goals

Everyone, including myself, want the LIFE. While that definition is different for everyone, the underlying tone it usually entails is an easy going, comfortable life with zero worries about money.  Generally speaking, a lot of people these days have this sense of ‘entitlement’ where they feel they deserve this dream with little to no effort in obtaining it.

Honestly speaking, I have fallen into that crowd lately, always asking myself HOW did am I only here in my career making X amount of money…. By the age of 30, I remember thinking I will for sure be making six figures, have a dog and a house and living the LIFE. Life story aside, stuff came up, and I am where I am now because of the CHOICES that I, MYSELF made. I’m not here because ‘stuff came up,’ NO! I am here because I ALLOWED myself to be here when I am FULLY capable of becoming whatever I want to be in life.

Where does it start though?

Me, Myself and I.

Nothing else matters.

Zero excuses. Excuses in themselves lead you to have a victim mentality. Think about that… I personally am not a huge fan of Lebron James, but his mentality is one of those that everyone should aspire to have. Here is a someone who grew up in the streets and have every reason to fail in life… Did he fail? Where is he now? Even now, when you see him lose in the NBA finals to Golden State, what do you hear about ALL summer and year-round until the next finals? You see Lebron James training harder than anyone and putting everything he has into becoming better so come next time he can WIN!

He is already one of the best players to play this game and he could easily just blame his supporting cast around him as the reason they lost. He still goes out in the offseason and trains hard and focuses on where he wants to be and he fights tooth and nail until he gets to that point.

That is a mentality worth having. That is a Champion Mentality. If it was easy to have and maintain EVERYONE would do it. That is why it’s called the ‘1%’ not the ‘99%’ if it was easy to make the most money in the world everyone would be rich. The majority of that ‘1%’ worked their asses off to get there and even still work hard to this day.

I hate where I am at in my career and for the past few years have just been making excuses and blaming others for the choices that I myself made. That is why instead of changing my circumstances I have instead become lazy and unmotivated. Looking for an easy, quick fix that wouldn’t take a lot of effort on my part, versus just stepping up to the challenge and pushing through and reaching the goals I want in life and my career.

Sure there are shortcuts, and many are worth taking, but the whole battle starts with YOU.

For the past week or so I have been waking up and one of the first things I do is look in the mirror. I see myself for what I am right NOW, but that doesn’t mean that’s what I will be eventually. I tell myself this is who YOU are now, but that I have the power to CHANGE and become the person I WANT to be.

Yea, it’s a baby step, but just like losing weight was for me, every baby step, every pound matters because they add and add upon each other until eventually BAM you are where you want to be. I have to stop looking at the mountain ahead of me from the top down, which leads to hesitation and lack of action due to being overwhelmed. I need to look at the path that goes to the top of the mountain… Sure it might take 10,000 steps for me to reach the top…. But every step I take no matter how big or small is a positive movement towards that goal… Let me say that again… it’s a MOVEMENT towards my goal…. The small, baby step isn’t a movement away… NO! That would be as if I didn’t even take that small step. That would lead me to stand still, or worse, going backward. That SMALL, yet POWERFUL step is a positive movement towards that place I want to be in my life.

There are tools out there I need to utilize in order to reach those goals, whether it be people, speeches or actual tools…. It’s not a ‘one and done’ thing you do in the morning…. “Let’s have a great day!” And you expect that mentality to carry you through the whole day… No, it’s a minute by minute, hour by hour battle to maintain that positivity mental state. Eventually, it will become easier, but I need to train my mind and be the one that is in control, rather than letting my excuses and rationalizations lead me down a path I don’t want to go down.

The only person that can truly let me down is myself. I need to hold myself accountable for those excuses and failures and learn from them, taking that knowledge to continue forward in order to reach those goals in life.

Other than losing the ‘Dad Bod’ I have finally started to study again for the Actuarial Exams. I know I am more than capable of passing, but I know it will take hard work and dedication to study for them. I need to maintain a positive state of mind and learn to become more adept at dealing with negative instances in my life.

I’ll keep you all up to date as to how things are going, but for now so far so good. Hopefully, you can glean some worthwhile experience and learn from my successes and failures as I go through this and by this time next year I am promising to no one but myself that things will be different.


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