Birthdays to Anniversaries and Oh… Thanksgiving!

This past week was insane! First, it came with all the planning and ensuring that the days would run smoothly and then just enjoying the days as they came. Natalia turned three… THREE! Watching her this past year grow and develop in so many areas has been great. On top of going to two different Thanksgivings, the girlfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary as well!

Natalia had a PJ Mask Party and we chose to celebrate it at a local bowling alley that had bowling, arcade games and fun for even the adults… Three-year-old parties, while fun for the kids also need to be fun for the adults? Right?! She didn’t really know what to expect I think. She stayed the night at Grandma’s and when she showed up and saw all the PJ Mask balloons, cake and all the people she knew her eyes opened soooo WIDE! Is all of this is for me?!?

I also have never witnessed a child rip through so many presents so quickly as she did. She was on a mission! Even then though, she would take a second and pause to thank whomever the present had come from.

While I am so happy for her party, Thanksgiving and our Anniversary to be a success…. I would like to extend this Thanksgiving ‘vacation’ so I, my girlfriend, can relax for a second and take everything in.


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday as well!


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