Facing Life’s Challenges…

When I’m feeling down I either find a big hill, with a hard path or I go to the gym and hop on the stair master.

Starting out is the hardest and most overwhelming part for me. Thoughts of self-doubt pop up, questioning whether I can make it top or if I chose to hard of a difficulty etc. I turn up my music and block out these thoughts, putting my head down and moving forward towards the goal I set for myself. Knowing that I, myself am in control of my decisions and emotions.

As make my way to the top there are these moments of ease, where I can take a step back and admire the beauty that surrounds me, this isn’t so bad after all. Further reassuring my willpower to reach the goals I set for myself.

Further along, it’s getting more difficult, my legs are starting to hurt, my heart is starting pound and that little nagging voice of self-doubt starts to pop up. “I’m already getting tired; can I really make it to the top?” I keep moving despite it but it’s there.

Then the trail dips and I’m losing elevation, feeling like I’m going the wrong way, I’m trying to go up not down, followed by an intense climb, hand over fist crawling for my life to get to the top. My heart is now pounding through my chest, my legs are on fire and that nagging voice is saying “that’s good enough man, you can just go back down, no one will know if you got to the top anyway.” But I keep going.

When I get to the top and catch my breath, I take a moment to recognize the feelings of accomplishment and the joy of making through that journey despite that little nagging voice telling me “that’s good enough” or “you’ll never make it.”

As the feelings subside and I look around, I see a hill in the distance. It’s a little taller, steeper and the trail is a bit more treacherous.

Damn! I think to myself, I want to take that hill. Raising the bar a little higher, constantly trying to challenge and push myself further.

That’s what life is, a series of hilltops with long jagged trails to the top. Each journey with its own lessons and triumphs of self-doubt along the way.

Don’t forget to take the time to embrace the journey. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes you want to give up. Remind yourself in those moments of self-doubt that you’re going to look back at this journey, smile and say I was there and I made it to the top



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