Losing the Dad Bod

Goal: 210lbs Current: 228lbs Timeframe: 10/23/18-1/30/18   Diet: 9 am Protein Shake 12 pm 1 cup of Oatmeal, 3 eggs and 3 egg whites 3 pm Protein Bar 6 pm 8oz of Meat 6oz Veggies 9 pm Casein Protein Shake or Yogurt   Workout: Will post later what I am doing in terms of lifting … More Losing the Dad Bod

Blockchain 101

One of the hobbies I picked up last summer was cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Unfamiliar with both I started investing more and more time into learning all I could about it. By now, I would say there is a high chance you have heard the term ‘Bitcoin’ well bitcoin uses a blockchain to function. Like … More Blockchain 101