Pumpkin Patch!!

It’s crazy how kids think they can do anything and even attempt things they are physically incapable of doing yet. I couldn’t help but smile every time Natalia would find a pumpkin, most of the time a lot bigger than she was an attempt to carry it. The best part was watching… Yes, but also … More Pumpkin Patch!!

Adventure: Lighthouse

Lighthouse: a structure (such as a tower) with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators. Purpose: It is a tower with a bright light at the top, located at an important or dangerous place regarding navigation (travel over water). The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a … More Adventure: Lighthouse

The Fair

Recently we went on a family adventure and ended up at the FAIR!!! Even though it had been a long day and we didn’t get there till later, we made the most of it. Natalia was ecstatic when she was able to see all the various kinds of animals ranging from goats, pigs, sheep, cows, … More The Fair