Fall Has Begun

Wellll, fall has officially started here, the gloomy grey skies and the drizzle of rain for the coming months has begun. Hopefully, everyone had a great summer! Break out those Halloween decorations and get a costume theme for your family. Still not entirely sure what ours will be this year. Last year, my girlfriend was … More Fall Has Begun

Romance Hack

If your girlfriend/wife is anything like mine, come Fall/Winter alllll the candles start coming out and soon your house is filled with unique scents. On occasion, I will surprise my girlfriend and maybe do a candlelit dinner or a bath etc. Either way finding the candles has ALWAYS been the easy part for me. The … More Romance Hack

Honey-Do List Hack

Thought I would briefly share this, but if you have been following my blog you recently know that we moved into a new house. With that comes packing, unpacking, organizing and throwing away things. For a while, I always found it “daunting” to hang things in the house without an electronic stud finder. I mean … More Honey-Do List Hack


  When I first met Natalia… coming up on a year now, Wow!! She was the sweetest little girl you could meet. Even though she was EXTREMELY shy towards most people (come to find out) she instantly warmed up to me. So much so, sometimes she would prefer me over mom in putting her to … More Progress


The last few weeks have been chaotic for myself and my girlfriend, we’ve gone from being stressed about where we would be living to being able to enjoy life again. Looking back, it seems like we’ve gone from night to day… Packing up a house… Unpacking a house… All the while trying to maintain a … More Update

Moving In: Part 1

Been a Long past few days… You really don’t realize how much ‘stuff’ you have until a moving truck is full of it. We had finally found a place, the one with the great view I had mentioned earlier, only to find out they chose to go with another applicant. Upon hearing this news, both … More Moving In: Part 1