Pumpkin Patch!!

It’s crazy how kids think they can do anything and even attempt things they are physically incapable of doing yet. I couldn’t help but smile every time Natalia would find a pumpkin, most of the time a lot bigger than she was an attempt to carry it. The best part was watching… Yes, but also … More Pumpkin Patch!!

Dance Party

A while ago, maybe a month or so? I had just picked Natalia up from daycare, got her situated before proceeding to turn on my car. My music suddenly came on over the speakers, I look back and to my amusement see Natalia headbanging like she was at a rock concert. I couldn’t help but … More Dance Party


I think it is absurd how much Daycares are charging now to take care of your children. Yes, you want your child in a safe, clean and an environment that promotes learning, but at what cost? The US Department of Health and Human Services stated in 2016 that childcare affordability should be AT or BELOW … More Childcare

Daddy’s Shoes

Every morning seems to be a hustle and bustle these days, getting everyone ready and out the door on time. I couldn’t stop but laugh when I saw Natalia attempt to walk around in my gym shoes, as I was loading up the car to leave for work. One day she will fill those clown … More Daddy’s Shoes

Reversing Roles

In my efforts in becoming a better parent, I came across an interesting notion, ‘Seeing Your Child as the Teacher.’ Before I even started reading, I contemplated what that meant to me. I mean, how is your child the teacher and not you, the parent?! How can you learn something from a child, who has … More Reversing Roles

Adventure: Lighthouse

Lighthouse: a structure (such as a tower) with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators. Purpose: It is a tower with a bright light at the top, located at an important or dangerous place regarding navigation (travel over water). The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a … More Adventure: Lighthouse